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TO DO for this glossary Edit

  • Clean up description on Home page of "predictable phonetic changes" (now commented out till I figure out just what I did - note cross-reference used on the А page.
  • Remove template (on EACH of the alphabet pages!) {{Expand List}}, replace with one that needs to be created, something like "Your input is welcome. See here if you need help with the process." Does this mean creating a new template?
  • In code at end of each page ["footer" code? Can one make something like that?? Page header AND footer??] add a <br> so it reads thus:



(even if I can, {{Multicol-end}} should NOT be part of it)
  • "Personal sources" stuff currently commented out on home page: what do I want to do about this?
АА=Асен Александров от Бистрица
ММ=Miriam Milgram
МФ=Martha Forsyth
(there may be others!, including particular informants)
  • See stuff on Editing help#To Do. Finish this, and make it part of the "header" material (whether manual or automatic) for each of the alphabet pages.
  • Some of the individual pages are long enough that a "warning" shows up in edit preview. Should I worry about this???

Completed (or abandoned) tasks Edit

✔ ??? How can I (Can I) make the sources be a page (or whatever) that references go to, so it doesn't have to be repeated on each page??? (and then get back)
→ See: Wikipedia:Footnotes
→ Or "sub-pages"? See "subpages"? (decided AGAINST this)
✔ standardize the ref. format
✔'s Index:Bulgarian has an "Index"-bar with clickable links that take you to each letter, on a sub-page.
But I don't understand how this works yet. Code starts with:
   {| class="buttonlinks" style="font-size:1.1em; text-align:center; border:0;
    width:95%; float:right;"
This was cribbed from Wictionary's Main Page. Code starts out as shown below (to see it all, look at this in Edit). Note that, when code from Wiktionary is pasted directly here, these "Special" pages now refer to this Wiki, not to Wiktionary! (found and used Index/Bulgarian instead)

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