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This glossary is designed as a resource for understanding obscure regional (including borrowed) words that one stumbles upon when investigating the oral traditional literature of Bulgaria. No work of this nature is ever "finished", so you are invited to add your special knowledge, make corrections - or enter words that you looked up and could not find. This page will help you understand how to preserve the existing formatting as you edit.

Yes, but how do I edit? Edit

First, it is preferred — but not required — that you register as a user of this site, and log in when you edit.

Editing principles that you know from any other wiki site will operate here. If you are not familiar with wiki editing, you will find much more than you need to know right now starting at How to edit a page.

But editing these glossary pages is a very limited thing, which you can do if you are careful to follow the entry-style you will find by clicking "edit this page" at the top of the page — or the "edit" link within the page.

•• You are NOT in danger of "breaking" it! Any edit can be "undone", and the edit history is always preserved. ••

To correct, expand, or modify an existing entry Edit

Open the "edit" window, find the word you want to edit, and put in your text, following the coding style that you will see there. A complete entry would look like this in the code (this is a completely! hypothetical example):

Code Yields|
'''бл<u>а</u>бла''' (т.) - блабла ''(region used)'' - ''(En.)'' blabla

: '''sub-word''' ....

блабла (т.) - блабла (region used) - (En.) blabla
sub-word ....

The cod

To add a new word Edit

You can add either a word whose definition you know (either in Bulgarian, or in English, or both), or a word for which you need a definition.

Simply enter the word, following the format you find when you open the "edit" window, but with no definition. Your entry will look something like this:

Code Yields
'''[word before]''' - [Bg translation]

'''[YOUR NEW WORD]''' -

'''[word after]''' - [Bg translation]

[word before] - [Bg translation]


[word after] - [Bg translation]

If you know which syllable is stressed, put that vowel between <u> and </>:

Code Yields|
м<u>а</u>ма мама

Try your edit out in the Sandbox first, if you like. (And also…please preview your edit before saving!)

Adjusting column lengths Edit

If you find that the columns have become seriously imbalanced, move the code {{Multicol-break}} to a more appropriate position.

To Do Edit

  • find a REAL example
  • put a link to this page at the top of each alphabet page